Growing African Daisies in Arizona, USA

What You Need to Know About African Daisies in Arizona, USA
African daisies in Arizona, USA is a sought after plant for any garden. Its scientific name is dimorphotheca. This plant grows all over Arizona, USA and is one of the easiest to take care of.

These daisies can grow to about one to two feet high and can cover an area up to ten inches when spread. The stems are robust leading to dark leaves, which are uniquely serrated and uneven. They produce seeds often allowing them to proliferate year after year. It is a great idea to collect these seeds and save them for the next planting; often saving money as well as time. African daisies in Arizona, USA is considered also to be perennials.

Before planting African Daisies, make sure that the soil you use is properly mixed. Combine fertilizer and mulch along with your flower bed; it will give your daisies a great start in their growth. The soil must stay moist until they develop into maturity. Once maturity is obtained, water them weekly.

In times of the year where extreme heat is rampant, check more frequently in order to keep the soil moist. Watering should be done lightly as long as the soil remains moist. These African daisies should be spaced one to two feet away from each other. These plants need a room as they do spread out as they grow. Autumn is the best time to plant them; by late winter these plants will fully bloom.

Other tips to consider about growing African daisies in Arizona, USA is to trim the plants regularly. Doing this will enable the plant to spread and gives the roots more space to grow. This helps the plant in gathering more nutrients essential to its growth. During the summer months, partial shade is advised as the scorching sun can fry the plants out. When blossoms have dried out, take them and collect the seeds. These seeds can be planted the next autumn.

African daisies in Arizona, USA is great for any garden. They are often used for borders and are also known to be used as a replacement for grass. African daisies are a beloved favorite of the gardener. Their blossoms come in a variety of colors, yet these blossoms do not bloom for so long. Following these tips on how to grow your African daisies in Arizona, USA will ensure you have a luscious plethora of daisies gracing your garden in no time.

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