Growing Vancouver Centennial Geraniums At Home

Tips on Growing Vancouver Centennial Geraniums
Everyone knows and loves this plant. Vancouver centennial geraniums are commonly seen in many homes as the perfect house perennial to have. Its beauty is evident in the rich hues of bright red with shades of yellow in its flower.

This house plant is best grown in containers; although one should be wary that these plants do need plenty of room. Vancouver centennial geraniums can grow as high 12 inches and cover an area of 12 inches.

The best time to grow Vancouver centennial geraniums is in the spring. When transferring the plant to bigger pots, make sure that the depth remains the same. It is always best to keep the factors, just as they are as to keep the plant growing at its current pace. It should be placed in a spot where it can get a lot of sun as well as shade. The balance is needed for these plants.

When Vancouver centennial geraniums bloom, it is essential to keep them watered. The soil needs to be moist and drained. However, only water them when the soil becomes dry. Over watering can cause mold to form; this gives the plant a very hard time to grow.

If you would like the plant to form a bush, pinch the leaves during spring. Always check for dead leaves or blooms. Remove them as soon as you see them; this encourages the plant to form new leaves and blooms. Maintenance is the key to prolonging the beauty of Vancouver centennial geraniums.

Every plant has its pests. These geraniums worst enemy is caterpillars. Whiteflies and spider-mites are also threatening. Check your plants everyday for these pests; they can cause an extreme amount of damage to Vancouver centennial geraniums.

A pesticide can be purchased at any garden store. It is important that the plants remain pest-free. If you keep your plant outdoors, it is best to bring your geraniums indoors before the first frost will occur at certain times of the year.

Vancouver centennial geraniums cannot handle cold weather, for they are very sensitive plants. If they were planted in the ground, cut off some stems and bring those indoors. The great thing about geraniums is that you can continue to grow them from simple cuttings. Grow them during the winter so that they can be ready for the next year.

Vancouver centennial geraniums are very beautiful plants and also very practical. Buying your first geranium can last you for many years if you take care of it well. It is great outdoors in the garden, and perfect for being your house plant.

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