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The very concept of a sit stand desk is very intriguing, because the first reaction is to think about an arrangement made of a chair and a simple desk that gets the job done. When I decided to check out the Ergo Depot Light Duty adjustable desk, I was particularly concerned about how the benefits will outweigh the bigger price and what’s the advantage of switching to a stand desk. Frankly, my expectations revolved around comfort and health issues, because spending a lot of time in front of a computer can have some detrimental effects on your posture.

sit stand desk Using a device that will increase your fitness while not interfering with the quality of your work, sounded like a win-win situation, but I had to see it with my own eyes. Compared to the fixed height desk, the Ergo Depot Light Duty adjustable desk provides you with the means to do a tiny amount of exercise, and, even if it doesn’t look like much, it helps a lot. I found it hard to believe that a sit stand desk will offer any kind of incentive for me to stand up and relinquish the comfort of the chair, but the truth is I feel much better when I do.

It would have been very easy to simply find a position that is comfortable and adjust the sit stand desk to meet that standards and then simply use it as a fixed height desk, but that didn’t happen. By varying your position during the time spend working. You increase the blood flow, hence nourishing your muscles. The benefits are self obvious when you stop working and feel less tired and stiff as when you were sitting at a regular desk. Standing up for a few minutes every hour feels almost like a break, and the duration can be increased for as long as you feel like it, with the comfort of the chair being within reach.

I was a bit concerned about the way the electric device will work, with issues such as noise and long adjustment time ranking high. With a simple push of a bottom, the electric motor will operate with an inch per second, while keeping the loudness within acceptable limits. It comes with a two-year warranty while the frame itself has a five-year warranty, which is hard to believe you’ll ever need, given the durable materials it is made of. The Ergo Depot Light Duty adjustable desk comes in different colors, and you can choose between beech and maple veneer as a work surface. The sit stand desk’s price is not too steep either and for $595, you can rest assured that you get a sweet deal.

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